Friday, September 9, 2011

Beautiful weather this week.........

Zach has spent more time outside this week than he has the whole summer! We aren't fans of HOT weather-and this summer has been a HOT one! He loves to go outside and swing and listen to PANDORA radio on his IPHONE. He has found music from his fave video game LITTLE BIG PLANET,so he has been listening to that over and over and over all day!
Tomorrow,we will finish our first 2 weeks of Writing With Ease and I must say that I think we both like it. Monday,we will start what I hope will be the schedule we'll be able to follow for the rest of the year. We will do the core subjects daily and then add in one other subject each day of the week-with Friday being a day for activities-library-or whatever we want. I've been easing him back into the habit of doing daily lessons for the past two weeks and I think he's ready to hit the books FULL TIME now....That's the plan at least.