Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving along with our studies

The past couple of weeks,I've been getting Zachary used to our new curriculum. We've basicly done reading and maybe one new study book each day. This week,we have been trying to get more into a normal schedule. We did alot of work today---and I really didn't get much resistance. And once we got into our lesson, he settled down and worked hard. We did the second WWE lesson--it was his first "narration" exercise. It's basicly how we have been doing our reading lessons,but this time he writes the answers down instead of just narrating the story back to me. I know it will give him extra handwriting practice! Zach can spell just about any word you ask him to and he can out text the most cell phone addicted teenager,but his handwriting isn't where I want it to be. But then,I didn't have the best handwriting when I was his age. He's trying, that's what counts. We did our first lesson in our language book and science books. I had wanted to start our new math book today too,but it just didn't happen. We will do that first thing in the morning. All in all,today was a great day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mississippi project for our first geography fair

Zach was NOT happy LOL-he would have rather stayed home and played video games that morning......

About 2 weeks ago,our homeschool group held our first GEOGRAPHY FAIR. It was alot of fun and the kids did such a great job on their individual projects.We had displays on Antartica,Panama,Mississippi,China,Mexico,Jamaica,Switzerland, and Germany! I hope it becomes an annual event.

Paths to Adventure

We have read the following stories from PATHS TO ADVENTURE---
A CHILD'S PRAYER-- poem by Matilda Edwards
MARCO COMES LATE (Zach thought the cats and worms were FUNNY!)

Monday, August 8, 2011


Well,most of the schools in our area have started their new year. Some started last Friday,others started today. We,on the other hand haven't----YET. This week we are going to finish up our GEOGRAPHY PROJECT and slowly ease back into our studies. Zach has had alot of time off,and I know it will be difficult to drag him away from his favorite activity as of late (his PS3). Our HomeSchool group's GEOGRAPHY FAIR presentation is this Friday-I can't wait to see all the differect projects and see how our kids will present them--especially my son. You never know what he will do or what will come out of his mouth! We have to put the maps on and come up with a short presentation about global warming/climate change (his idea). I want to get a leaf from a Magnolia tree. We have several trees on the corner down from our house-hopefully the hubby can get us one with an attached flower. Are the Magnolia trees still blooming this time of year? I have no idea.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

About ready to start our new year.......

We are just about ready to start our new year of home studies. Our books came in the other day and I like them-I'm glad I made the decision to switch over. I'm going to let Zach have a few more days of free time and then we'll jump right into our studies.

Monday, August 1, 2011

YAY!!!! Our new books came this morning......

I am soooo excited! The new school books came this morning. They look great! I can't wait to show them to my son and get started on 3rd grade--giving him a little more summer fun first.....But MOM IS HAPPY!


We are still waiting on our books to come in. I'm a little disappointed because I used expedited shipping. I'm hoping they will be in today or tomorrow. I can't sign into the website to check the order because it isn't recognizing my customer number or password-and I really don't want to talk to anyone on the phone today.

We are still working on our geography project. I'm still kind of stumped at whether or not we'll do a project on global warming. I'm kidn of leaning toward having him just read a little bit about it and explain it when he presents his project. I don't know.