Book List

Hide and Seek
Little Bear
Dog and Cat

Go Diego Go Phonics set
**Stuck in the mud
**Quick help the fish!
**Shadow Show
**Baby Jaguar Can!
*Time to sleep
**Ice is nice
**Let's go see holes!
**Out of the nest
The Rain forest race
**The great dinosaur race
**Chinta the Chinchilla
**Hop Like a Tree Frog

The World of Dick & Jane & friends
Super Spies
I Like Bugs
Little Critter Sleeps Over
My Trip to Atlantis
James goes Buzz,Buzz
The Big Cheese
Big Bird Says
The Missing Tooth
Dinosaur Days
Danny & the Dinosaur *Syd Hoff
Behold no cavities! (spongebob books)
Ice Cream Dream (spongebob books)

Just a bully
Just me and my Babysitter
Just a dream
*Mercer Mayer

In a People House

Nick Jr Books
A Rainy Day to Remember (little bill)
Sports Day (little bill)

2008-2009 study year

A Book About Disobeying
A Book About Whining
A Book About Being Selfish
A Book About Teasing
*Joy Berry

*If You Take a Mouse to School
*If You Give a Pig a Pancake
*If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Laura Numeroff
Johnny Appleseed
Fox in Socks
Mole and the Baby Bird
More Snacks (a thanksgiving play)
Father Bear Comes Home
The Great Bug Hunt
Tuckerbean in the kitchen
Fluffy Grows a Garden
Have you seen the crocodile?
Pigs go to market
The Treasure Map
Where the Wild Things Are
Blue's Thanksgiving Feast
If I Had a Robot Dog
Just Say Please
Franklin & the baby
What's Bugging Pamela?
The Queen's Dragon
Unicorn Wings
The Bossy Rooster
Critter Jitters (joke book)
Snug House,Bug House
Camp Spongebob
It's Not My Fault
When I Feel Sad
Thanksgiving Cats
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Last one home is a green pig
Donna O'Neeschuck was chased by some cows
Coriander the contrary hen
The Lazy Scarecrow
Marvin,the Blue Pig
Fluffy's 100th Day at School
Goldie's New Home
The Enormous Turnip
Hot Dog
Days of the Week
Disney-The Three Little Pigs
The Day I Saw My Father Cry
Shipwreck Saturday
The Very Quiet Cricket
Time to Rhyme with Calico Cat
It's Fall
The Hungry Monster
Two Little Trains
Chicka Chicka 123
Fluffy and the Firefighters
Pirate Soup
Silly Questions
The Stubborn Pumpkin
The Very Busy Spider
Manuelo the Playing Mantis
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Wolf,Big Wolf
The Crow and the Pitcher (aesop's fables)
The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog
This First Thanksgiving Day- a counting story
Paul Bunyan
Whose Socks Are Those?
You've Got Dragons
Minnie & Moo-the case of the missing jelly donut
The First Thanksgiving
The Incredible Dash
Just Going to the Dentist
I Just Forgot
Merry Christmas,Mouse!
What a Bad Dream
Here Comes Santa (the rugrats)
Harry and the Lady Next Door
Scaredy Cat **J.Scott (my sister)
Hunting the great Daddy-o-saurus
The City Sings A Song
Super Fly Guy
There was an old lady who swallowed fly guy
Here comes Silent E
Little Pig-Biddle Pig
Pigs a plenty-Pigs Galore
The Color Monster
Simpson Snail
The Bookstore Cat
Fluffy meets the GroundHog
Inspector Hopper
Kick the Football,Charlie Brown
The Dragon's Scales a math reader
Dragon Egg
Put Me In The Zoo
Is It My Turn Yet?
Fluffy's Valentine
Hedgehog Surprise
Telephones,Televisions, and Toilets:How they work
and what can go wrong-
The Tooth Book
Buzz vs Torque one-on-one
Two can share too!
Little Critter's The Best Present
A Friend For Minerva Louise
Mother,Mother,I want another!
Special Delivery
Little Critter Story Book Collection
6 dogs,23 cats,45 mice, and 116 spiders
Easter Bunny's Amazing Egg Machine
The Caterpillar that roared
Chelsea's New Home
Curious George Goes to a chocolate factory
The Magic Apple
The Flying Fish
Mouse Mess
The Alphabet Tree
The West Texas Chili Monster
Fly High,Fly Guy
Shoo,Fly Guy
Max learns sign language
Galactic Giggles
Stone Soup
The Wolf and the 7 little kids
Fur,Feathers and Fun
Shopping for lunch
The Wheels on the bus
Pickles in my Soup
Where is Jake
Silly Questions
The Stubborn Pumpkin
Little Bill's Big Choice
Thump-Thump Learning about your heart
There's a Wocket in my Pocket
I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew
Widget and the Puppy
Click,Clack,Moo Cows That Type
Stories of Dogs
If Dogs Ruled the World
Magic Tree House-
Viking Ships at Sunrise
Max Celebrates Cinco de Mayo
Fluffy Meets the Groundhog
Squirrel's World
The Dog Who Lost His Bob
Emma's Yucky Brother
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies
Little Wolf and the Moon
Olivia's Book of Opposites
Nature-a first book
Hop On Pop
Contrary Mary
Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose
Gobber's Guide to Battling Dragons
How To Train Your Dragon
Iron Man-A New Hero
Dewey-There's a Cat in the Library
Cat Attack (shreck 2 book)
HI! Fly-Guy!
The Story of Puss in Boots
Crunch Munch
Clatter Bash! A Day of the Dead Celebration
Clifford and the Groughy Neighbors
The Rain Came Down
What Animals Do
Katie and the Mona Lisa
Zen Shorts
The Beautiful Rat
I Had a Cat
Dancing Dragons
The 14 Forest Mice and the Summer Laundry Day
And Still The Turtle Watched
Katie and the Mona Lisa
What Animals Do
6 Silly Foxes
Jumping into the Pool
Where are you?
No Milk
This is my Family
Mississippi Alphabet
Blaze and the Spotted Pony
Coco the Carrot
Wishing For A Red Balloon
And Still The Turtle Watched
Where Does The Mail Go?
The Bookseller Bird
Hokey Pokey
Kiss The Cow
Marigold and Grandma on the Town
The Flight of the Snow Geese
How Sprit Dog Made the Milky Way
Are You My Mother?
Mimi The Selfish Kitten
Why Does it Thunder and Lightening?
Super Fly Guy
Stella Louella's Runaway Book
The Stars are Waiting
If You Give a Moose a Muffin
Pigs in the Pantry
The Penguin Who Wanted To Sparkle
Human Body Book
Your Brain Power
Your Stomach and Digestive Tract
Fluffy Plants a Jellybean
The Pirate Map
The Little Scarecrow Boy
The Halloween Parade
Mysteries of the Past
Matt Goes to Mars
My Friend Has Autism
Whose Skin is This?
Cells and Tissue
DK Human Body
The Skeleton Inside You