Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving along with our studies

The past couple of weeks,I've been getting Zachary used to our new curriculum. We've basicly done reading and maybe one new study book each day. This week,we have been trying to get more into a normal schedule. We did alot of work today---and I really didn't get much resistance. And once we got into our lesson, he settled down and worked hard. We did the second WWE lesson--it was his first "narration" exercise. It's basicly how we have been doing our reading lessons,but this time he writes the answers down instead of just narrating the story back to me. I know it will give him extra handwriting practice! Zach can spell just about any word you ask him to and he can out text the most cell phone addicted teenager,but his handwriting isn't where I want it to be. But then,I didn't have the best handwriting when I was his age. He's trying, that's what counts. We did our first lesson in our language book and science books. I had wanted to start our new math book today too,but it just didn't happen. We will do that first thing in the morning. All in all,today was a great day!